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9. 7. 2024
MASH makes, News
MASH Makes is proud to announce participation in the AfricaEnergyParks project, a major initiative funded by the European Commission. The project aims to establish a… read more
8. 7. 2024
MASH makes, News
MASH Makes recently appointed Dr. Carol Bell, a leader with extensive energy industry experience, as Chair of board. Dr. Bell brings a wealth of expertise to MASH Makes… read more
4. 7. 2024
MASH makes, report
We recently released our 2023 annual report, which highlights significant progress toward their mission to combat climate change by eliminating gigatonnes of carbon from… read more
3. 7. 2024
MASH makes, News
Summer is upon us at our HQ in Denmark, making it a natural time to reflect on our progress so far this year. Read on for highlights from the first half of 2024.… read more
14. 6. 2024
biochar, soil amendment, MASH makes
Graph: Above, you can see how different amounts of biochar affect the soil's ability to hold water. The Y-axis shows the percentage of water the soil can hold, and the… read more
4. 6. 2024
Graph: As seen in the graph above, the bulk density decreases as more biochar is added to the soil. The experimental value is shown here against standard value, a… read more
8. 5. 2024
xprize, carbon removal, competition
We’re honoured and excited to announce that MASH Makes is a Top 20 finalist for XPRIZE Carbon Removal, and now moves on to compete for the $50 million grand prize.… read more
24. 4. 2024
carbon removal, xprize, competition
Breaking News! We are proud to report that we are now one of the Top 100 in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal contest.  The contest, with its $100 million incentive, is the… read more
17. 4. 2024
In Maharashtra's Latur district, agriculture sustains livelihoods. Unfortunately, recurring droughts and misguided fertilisation practices have led to water scarcity… read more
9. 4. 2024
carbon removal, biochar, SPV, Gigatonne thinking, Scaling
The fastest way to scale up to gigatonne levels of carbon removals is to create technology that is replicable anytime. Anywhere. With our Gigatonne Thinking approach to… read more
18. 3. 2024
Scalability, Gigatonne thinking, biochar, Biofuel, carbon removal
In our fight against climate change, the need for scalable and rapid solutions to remove gigatonnes of CO2 is more urgent than ever.  According to the 2023 IPCC report… read more
14. 3. 2024
NIMBY, Renewable energy, Gigatonne thinking, Sustainable agriculture
“Not in my backyard!” It’s a term often heard when discussing where to place energy production sites. Some places, there’s even an acronym for this: a NIMBY. … read more
21. 2. 2024
funding, carbon removal, biochar
MASH Makes has received a new, additional loan of EUR 2 million from Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank. The loan will be used to construct our second commercial pyrolysis… read more
30. 1. 2024
biochar, Biofuel, carbon credits, carbon removal, sustainability, tcrs
MASH Makes CEO Jakob Bejbro Andersen was featured on the latest episode of ‘The Carbon Removal Show’, where he discussed the company’s groundbreaking work in the field… read more
15. 1. 2024
News, biochar, CDR, COP28, Climate Change
In December 2023, the world's decision-makers met at COP28 to deliberate measures that could radically decrease greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our planet's future… read more
13. 1. 2024
Green Fuels Alliance India, Partnership, News, Biofuel
In January, MASH Makes became a founding member of Green Fuels Alliance India, an initiative designed to increase collaboration between Denmark and India in the… read more
12. 9. 2023
News, Partnership, CDR
MASH Makes is proud and excited to announce its first agreement with leading UK-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) marketplace, Supercritical. Supercritical has pre-… read more
5. 4. 2023
carbon, biochar, carbon credits
In recent months, the carbon offsetting industry has been put under heightened scrutiny after investigative journalists have shown that claims made by prominent… read more