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MASH Makes advances to Top 20 for $50 million XPRIZE

8. 5. 2024

MASH Makes advances to Top 20 for $50 million XPRIZE

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MASH Makes 20 finalist

We’re honoured and excited to announce that MASH Makes is a Top 20 finalist for XPRIZE Carbon Removal, and now moves on to compete for the $50 million grand prize.

The contest aims to combat climate change and rebalance the Earth's carbon cycle by fostering innovative solutions from around the globe. Our scalable pyrolysis and gasification technology is our solution for this, with a goal of removing at least a gigaton of carbon from the atmosphere by 2040.  This technology, combined with a philosophy that we call "Gigatonne Thinking", is designed to tackle the climate crisis at scale. 

"Gigatonne Thinking is about confronting the climate crisis with solutions as bold as the challenge itself. We're setting new standards for sustainability in the energy and agricultural sectors," explains Jakob Andersen, CEO of MASH Makes. 

Our thermochemical processes turn so-called agricultural waste residues into energy and carbon removal solutions that will have gigatonne-level impact on the climate crisis – which is exactly what the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition is all about. 

“We need a range of bold, innovative CDR solutions to manage the vast quantities of CO2 released into our environment and impacting our planet. Our 20 teams advancing to the final stage of XPRIZE Carbon Removal will have an opportunity to demonstrate their potential to have a significant impact on the climate,” says XPRIZE CEO Anousheh Ansari.

We now advance to the final stage of XPRIZE Carbon Removal, where we will compete against 19 other teams for a $50 million prize. This stage, which takes place over the next year, involves verification site visits by an independent panel of judges. The final judges summit will take place in March, with the winner announced in April 2025.


About MASH Makes

MASH Makes is an Indo-Danish enterprise dedicated to addressing climate change with practical, scalable solutions based on deeptech solutions stemming from the Technical University of Denmark. Founded in 2015, the company specializes in converting biomass residues into renewable energy and soil amendments through advanced pyrolysis and gasification processes. The first operational MASH thermochemical plant is located in Karnataka, India, with multiple others planned to significantly expand carbon removal efforts globally. MASH Makes aims to remove at least one gigaton of carbon from the atmosphere by 2040.


About XPrize

XPRIZE is an established global leader in designing, launching, and executing large scale competitions to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Our unique model democratizes innovation by incentivizing crowd-sourced, scientifically viable solutions to create a more equitable and abundant future for all. Donate, learn more or join a team at
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