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MASH Makes CEO talks biochar and carbon removal tech on ‘The Carbon Removal Show’

30. 1. 2024

MASH Makes CEO talks biochar and carbon removal tech on ‘The Carbon Removal Show’

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MASH Makes CEO Jakob Bejbro Andersen was featured on the latest episode of ‘The Carbon Removal Show’, where he discussed the company’s groundbreaking work in the field of biochar, bio oil, and carbon removal credits

The Carbon Removal Show’s mission is to communicate the facts to listeners about carbon removal, highlighting the most promising solutions for achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. It was listed as one of Forbes’ “12 Must have books and podcasts for leaders” in 2023.

On the show, Andersen shared insights into how MASH Makes is pioneering the biochar industry by moving beyond the hype and focusing on genuine value creation where it matters most. 

As the podcast’s host Emily Swaddle remarked, “It’s circularity meets CDR. I’m liking this already.”

Andersen also discussed our diversified portfolio, which includes biofuels and energy products, and our strategy of 'Gigatonne Thinking', which leads us to focus on decisions and models that can scale to the gigatonne range. This clearly impressed the show’s hosts. “MASH Makes have identified scaling potential as a cornerstone of their work, and as a result they’re focused on not just creating a solution for a local context, but one that they believe can be replicated,”

said Swaddle on the show. 

The full episode of the podcast can be heard here, and on other podcast streaming platforms.

More about MASH Makes

Using the idea of gigaton thinking, MASH offers a unique thermochemistry-based platform where biomass residues can be converted into valuable energy, soil amendment, and carbon market commodities. The MASH Platform is designed to grow aggressively to meet the demands of these markets, while at the same time achieving an enormous impact on GHG reductions, biodiversity, and social dimensions. Learn more at

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