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Transforming agricultural residues into high-quality biochar

At MASH Makes, we produce biochar from agricultural and agro-processing residues via our highly modular and containerised pyrolysis machine. We aim to use the bottom of the value chain when it comes to biomass, transforming waste into a valuable resource. 

MASH Makes biochar is:

  • "High Quailty"High-quality
  • "Low oxygen content"Low oxygen content
  • "Improves Soil Quality and Fertility"Proven to improve soil quality and fertility
  • "EBC Certified"EBC AgroOrganic certified
  • "High Fixed Carbon Content"High fixed carbon content
  • "Increasing soil pH"Proven to increasing soil pH

Biochar is a stable, carbon-rich form of charcoal, created by the pyrolysis of waste biomass residues. It has many use cases, with the most popular being as a soil amendment to improve fertility and permanently remove CO2.