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MASH Makes in the Top 100 for $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Contest

24. 4. 2024

MASH Makes in the Top 100 for $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Contest

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Breaking News! We are proud to report that we are now one of the Top 100 in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal contest. 

The contest, with its $100 million incentive, is the largest of its kind aimed at rebalancing the Earth's carbon cycle. It attracted thousands of teams, each proposing unique methods to mitigate climate impacts. We made an impression on judges with our carbon sequestration technology, and are now featured as a Top 100 team.

The path to XPRIZE victory

To win the XPRIZE, teams must develop a feasible method for large-scale carbon elimination, detail the costs, and strategize deployment at capacities from megatons to gigatons annually—levels that can genuinely alter the course of global climate change.

At MASH Makes, we are set to meet these challenges with our scalable pyrolysis and gasification technology, aimed at removing at least a gigaton of carbon from the atmosphere by 2040, along with a philosophy we call "Gigatonne Thinking."

"Gigatonne Thinking is about looking at the climate crisis at scale and addressing it with solutions that are as bold as the challenge itself. Our technology not only meets the standards but sets new ones for sustainability in the energy and agricultural sectors," says MASH Makes CEO Jakob Andersen.

What’s next

We’re excited for the next stage of this monumental competition. Watch this space for updates. 

In the meantime, Check out the #XPRIZECarbonRemoval Top 100 Teams Book, which highlights MASH Makes and other teams that represent a new generation of promising solutions across a range of carbon removal pathways.

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