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MASH Makes Carbon Removal & Carbon Credits

A high-quality carbon removal option

Our biochar production process is an effective way to remove carbon from the atmosphere  into a terrestrial carbon sink, allowing us to issue carbon removal credits. Carbon credits are measurable and verifiable emission reductions from climate action projects.

A biochar carbon credit represents a permanent sequestration of 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

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1 biochar carbon credit
1 tonne of CO2

Equivalent sequestered from the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

About our carbon credits

By buying our carbon credits, you can contribute to significant carbon removal efforts and engage in a project with promising co-benefits like improved soil quality and reduced air pollution

MASH Makes carbon credits are the result of producing arguably the best biochar in the world. Research shows that our biochar is approximately 87% carbon-based, a remarkably high carbon content. Our carbon credits are competitively priced and our innovative modular joint venture model lets us efficiently expand to new locations, increasing our carbon removal capacity to meet demand.

We’re also dedicated to ongoing research and field trials via our world-class biochar research and development centre in India. Here, we work to enhance the effectiveness and permanence of our biochar, aiming to achieve a balance between immediate carbon sequestration and long-term environmental impact. 

Buy our credits

Buy our credits

Become part of the mission to make a positive impact in the world by purchasing our carbon credits via the Carbonfuture platform – or purchase them directly on Patch. 

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For large-volume carbon credit offtake, including pre-purchase agreements, or investment inquiries, contact us directly

About our biochar

Biochar is a stable, carbon-rich form of charcoal, created by heating organic material in a low-oxygen environment. It has many use cases, with the most popular being as a soil amendment to improve fertility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our biochar is:

  •  High Quality BIocharHigh-quality
  • Low Oxygen content biocharLow oxygen content
  • Improving Soil Quality Biochar & Carbon creditsProven to improve soil quality and fertility
  • EBC AgroOrganic Certified Biochar & Carbon creditsEBC AgroOrganic certified
  • High Fixed Carbon Content Biochar & Carbon CreditsHigh fixed carbon content
  • Increasing soil pH Biochar & Carbon CreditsProven to increasing soil pH

World-class partnerships for carbon credits

Our carbon credits are featured in the portfolios of companies who are pioneering climate action through advanced carbon removals.