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The 7 Pillars of Gigatonne Thinking

The 7 Pillars of Gigatonne Thinking

At MASH Makes, we take a broad, ambitious perspective on carbon sequestration and environmental sustainability that goes beyond conventional project planning to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. We call this approach Gigatonne Thinking.



  • Scalability
    Our platform is designed to scale efficiently when it comes to labour, performance, and financial structure. Overheads should reduce with scale.
  • Replicability
    We replicate successful models as much as possible. That means evaluating each project's local suitability and its potential to be multiplied.
  • Global perspective
    We think global and act local. The solutions to climate challenges are not always found in our own backyard. We must consider how we can use all the planet’s resources to effectively avoid the worst climate change scenarios.
  • Commoditisation
    Our strategies and solutions are designed to be universally applicable. That means they’re adaptable and effective in diverse areas and cultural contexts and align with global investor markets and legal frameworks.
  • Quantification
    The green transition must be a just transition. We’re serious about quantifying our impact on greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impact, biodiversity, and social issues and we use this in choosing our path forward.
  • Virality
    Our model is a self-sustaining carbon removal system where each project acts as a stepping stone for future developments. When done right, the model advocates for itself, enacting generational change on local communities worldwide.
  • Waste-not
    True sustainability and the race to net zero mean that we have to maximise all the resources we have to reduce our impact on the planet. That means seizing opportunities to make the most of energy, and using waste as resources, too.



What is Gigatonne Thinking?

MASH Makes CEO Jakob Bejbro Andersen explains